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Career & Internship Terms

  • Business Casual - The most common dress code in professional setting. Closed toed shoes, and a nice shirt or blouse are recommended.
  • Business Professional - The most formal professional attire, usually a dark color suit.
  • Career - A commitment to a field or job within a field for an extended time.
  • Certification - Certifications provide specialized training in a particular skill or trade.
  • Cover Letter - A one-page letter summarizing your skills, past experiences, goals, and how they align with the organization or company you are applying to.
  • Community Service- Experiences you have shared your time and strengths with your community as a volunteer (without pay).
  • Employment - A time when a person is paid for work, also known as a part of the workforce.
  • Informational Interview - An interview conducted to collect information about a job, a career field, industry or company. An informational interview is not a job interview.
  • Internship - An internship is a temporary job usually 2 to 3 months that allows experience in a work environment for a specific career. Internships can help narrow down a career choice.
  • Interview - A formal meeting in which one or more persons question, consult or evaluate another person for a potential job or acceptance to a school.
  • Interviewee - An interviewee is a person who is being interviewed, or is being asked questions.
  • Interviewer - An interviewer is a person in an interview setting who is asking the questions to the interviewee.
  • Mock Interview - A mock interview is the practice interview.
  • Networking - Networking is building relationships both personally and professionally. Relationship building is meeting people, interacting with them, and developing connection.
  • Professionalism - Professionalism is exhibiting acceptable qualities or behaviors connected to the expectations of setting. Qualities describe the character, disposition, or nature of a person.
  • Soft skills - Skills that are practiced over time, and often are a reflection of how you exist in your day-to-day communication, leadership, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, etc.
  • Trade School - Trade schools, also called vocational or technical schools, are schools that teach a set of specific skills and knowledge related to a particular job or career field for students pursuing a certification.
  • Unemployment - Unemployment is when a person within the workforce is without paid work.