What does it mean to be in the T3 program after high school?

While T3 is committed to helping you choose the right path after high school with confidence, we are equally committed to ensuring you have the support needed to help you to and through your postsecondary experience. "Postsecondary" means any education after high school. That's right, our goal is to get you to the finish line -- be it a credential, a two-year, and/or four-year degree.

The T3 College & Career Success Team offers various supports at each T3 Partner College/University for students throughout your college journey, including:

  • Academic + Persistence Support at T3 Partner Colleges/Universities
  • T3 First & Last Dollar Scholarships
  • T3 Ambassador Program
  • T3 Connect Networking + Community Webpage
  • T3 Transfer Student Support
  • T3 Community Engagement Resources

This page is a one-stop-shop for all information related to your T3 Scholar experience after high school. Scroll through to learn more about the resources mentioned above.

Questions? Email the T3 College & Career Success Team anytime at support@T3partnership.org.

Being a T3 Scholar

T3 Pledge students who apply and enroll at a T3 Partner College/University the Fall immediately following high school are considered T3 Scholars! Review the resources below to learn more about T3's Partner Colleges/Universities, including student resources and supports offered at each. The support doesn't stop when you enroll! The T3 College & Career Success Team is here to see you to the finish line. See below for resources and what to expect for T3 Scholars who are enrolled at a T3 Partner College/University.

Partner Colleges & Universities

I'm going to a T3 Partner College/University, what can I expect?

The above institutions believe in YOU! They are committed to your success and are working closely with the T3 College & Career Success Team to build strong support programs so you are academically, socially, and financially prepared for college. Click their logos above to learn more.

Here's what you can expect when attending a T3 partner college or university:

  • Scholarships: For eligible scholars, T3 offers financial support to assist with tuition and other academic-related expenses. Check out the scholarships page to learn more.
  • T3 Onboarding: Required for scholars attending a partner college/university, there are 2 components to T3 Onboarding to complete before your first semester. Be sure to check your personal email for more info beginning spring semester your senior year.
  • College Persistence Coaching & Resources: To "persist" means to keep going, even if you meet setbacks or challenges. College is not always easy, but with the right guidance, support, and resources you can and will be successful. First-year T3 Scholars meet with their T3 Persistence Coach (as defined by your institution) at least 2 times a semester. Attendance at a T3 Signature Event is also required (once a semester).
  • Mentorship: Opportunities to connect with community mentors, industry professionals, T3 staff, and partner college/university faculty and staff through a virtual platform called T3 Connect.
  • Exclusive T3 Scholar Signature Events + Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Transfer Support: If you plan to transfer from one T3 partner college/university to another, we will be with you to and through your transition as well. Visit the transfer students page to learn more.

T3 Connect: A Persistence Platform - Engage Today!

T3 Connect is an awesome platform and virtual space where you will:

  • Network: Interact and connect with T3 Ambassadors, T3 College & Career Success Staff, college representatives and fellow T3 Scholars!
  • Stay Connected & Informed: Utilize the trusted T3 Partnership environment to access resources and guidance, reach out to T3 staff, and get your questions answered
  • Engage: Leverage the T3 network to get support on your journey to and through college, career, or military
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Interested in Serving as a T3 Ambassador?

The T3 Ambassador program offers a PAID part-time position for currently enrolled T3 Scholars. Ambassadors have the opportunity to support fellow students, create community, and make an impact while gaining leadership and work experience.


T3 Community Engagement: Guidelines, Recommendations, and Resources to give back to our community!

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Meet the T3 College & Career Success Team

Contact the T3 C&CS Team anytime, we are here to help!

T3 + Partner College/University Emails:

Reach out for Admissions, Enrollment, and/or Last Dollar Support

Frequently Asked Questions

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