Calling all Castleberry ISD, Crowley ISD, FWISD, and Lamar HS (AISD) juniors!

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Preparing T3 Scholars for Their First Year in College

Required for graduating high school seniors attending a partner college/university who took the T3 Pledge, there are 2 components to the T3 Scholar Onboarding Program. Components below should be completed the summer before enrolling at a partner college/university. Learn more below!


#1: T3 Connect

A virtual space to network and stay connected and informed, create your profile on T3 Connect and join the group page for the partner college/university you are attending! This will be the place for program-wide updates, resources, mentorship opportunities, and more.

T3 Connect

#2: T3 Scholarship Session

Let's talk money! Required for all students receiving a T3 First Dollar Scholarship at a partner university, these sessions will take place the spring/summer before your first semester in college. For how to register, be sure to check the personal email you provided in the T3 Pledge. There will be in-person and virtual options.

T3 Scholarships