Crowley ISD & Fort Worth ISD Juniors T3 Pledge Deadline is March 31st!:

Take the Pledge

2 Components

Effective 2022-2023:

Required for graduating high school seniors attending a partner college/university and who took the T3 Pledge, there are 2 components to the T3 Scholar Onboarding Program. You do not have to complete the following in order as listed but they must be completed by July 31 the summer before enrolling at a partner college/university. Learn more below!

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#1: T3 Scholarship Session

Let's talk money! Required for all students receiving a T3 First Dollar Scholarship at a partner university, these sessions will take place the spring/summer before your first semester in college. For how to register, be sure to check the personal email you provided in the T3 Pledge. There will be in-person and virtual options.

Please Note: If attending TCC, scholarship related content will be part of your specific T3 + TCC Bridge Program. You will not receive an invitation to both nor be expected to complete both commitments.

T3 Scholarships

#2: T3 Connect

A virtual space to network and stay connected and informed, create your profile on T3 Connect and join the group page for the partner college/university you are attending! This will be the place for program-wide updates, resources, mentorship opportunities, and more.

T3 Connect