Who are we?

The T3 Family Alliance is the entry point for families of middle school students to inform, connect, and bridge resources between school, community, and families. Our program aims to equip families with voice and agency to support their students to and through middle school, high school, and beyond.


Joining the Family Alliance unlocks access to free T3 program supports and resources that are designed to help your student achieve success in middle school to high school and beyond.

Family Alliance Benefits:
  1. Help navigating middle school
  2. Community with other families
  3. Access to family engagement associates
  4. Assistance with transition to high school
  5. Personalized resource connection based on family needs
  6. Communication on school and district information
  7. Space to voice your concerns about your student's
  8. Learning opportunities

Join the Family Alliance today! By joining the Family Alliance, you are not obligated to take any action. T3 is simply available to you and your student. We look forward to hearing from you.

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