The T3 Partnership Pledge Deadline Has Been Extended Through February 12th

Take the T3 Partnership Pledge!

To learn more about the T3 Partnership, check out the full FAQ resources below. Have a question that is not listed? Email to inquire. We’re here to help.

What is the Tarrant & To Through Partnership?

The Tarrant To & Through (T3) Partnership is a new organization launching in Fall 2020. We are dedicated to improving student outcomes in 3 primary areas: 1) Graduating more students from high school who are College, Career, and Military Ready (CCMR); 2) Helping more students enroll in a postsecondary pathway with confidence; 3) Empowering more students to persist and earn a degree or credential and enter the workforce prepared for a successful career.

What are the key components of the program?

In year one, all 21 Fort Worth ISD high schools are eligible to participate in the T3 Partnership. Some program components will launch at select schools, and all eligible Fort Worth ISD seniors graduating in Spring 2021 will have access to a "last dollar" tuition-free scholarship in partnership with Tarrant County College. See full list of program components or visit the Select Your High School page for specific information.

What does “postsecondary” mean?

Postsecondary means any education after high school.

How can businesses get involved?

There are a number of ways for businesses to participate including signing the T3 Business Pledge. Learn more on the Become a Partner page.

How will COVID-19 affect community service requirements?

For the 2020-2021 school year, the T3 staff will consistently monitor local conditions regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Community service is an integral part of being a T3 Scholar and becoming a leader in the Tarrant County community. Community service that you have completed for other organizations (ie, National Honor’s Society, Beta Club, AVID, etc) can count towards your T3 Community Service hours.

2. This year, we will ask you to submit your eight hours of community service hours (organization, number of hours and someone to verify your involvement) by July 31, 2021. Your community service must meet requirements outlined in T3 Scholar Handbook.

3. If the current COVID situation keeps you from completing community service by July 31, 2021 you will remain eligible for T3 supports during the 2021-2022 school year.

4. All T3 Scholars will need to complete 8 hours of community service during the 2021-2022 school year to receive scholarships/supports the 2022-2023 school year.

Who is eligible to participate in the T3 Partnership?

Beginning in Fall 2020, the T3 Partnership will launch in all 21 Fort Worth ISD high schools with the plan of expanding in the future. All students, freshman through senior, can benefit from the T3 program; however, the T3 Partnership Pledge is only avaliable to juniors and seniors.

My high school is not on the list. Can I participate in the program?

If you are not currently enrolled in a Fort Worth ISD High School, you are not eligible for the T3 Partnership at this time.

Is there a high school GPA requirement for students to participate?

No. There is not a high school GPA requirement to participate in the T3 Partnership. However, in college, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain eligible for T3 associated scholarships.

Can I take time off after high school and enroll in a T3 partner college or university later and still be eligible?

To remain eligible for the T3 Partnership (specifically T3 scholarships and program support in college), you must enroll and attend a T3 partner institution immediately following high school graduation.

I just moved to Tarrant County and am enrolled in a Fort Worth ISD High School. Am I eligible?

Yes. As long as you are currently enrolled in a Fort Worth ISD High School, you are eligible to participate in the T3 Partnership.

I don't live in Tarrant County but I do attend a Fort Worth ISD High School. Am I still eligible?

Yes. If you are currently enrolled in a Fort Worth ISD High School, you are eligible to participate in the T3 Partnership.

What is the T3 Partnership Pledge mean for students?

The T3 Partnership Pledge will open on September 15 and close on February 1. By completing this Pledge as a junior or senior in high school, you are committing to 1) Graduate from high school; 2) Complete your financial aid paperwork (FAFSA or TASFA); and 3) Complete the admissions process to a T3 Partnership college or university.

What kinds of scholarships would I be eligible for if I took the T3 Partnership Pledge?

T3 scholarship eligibility is based on your family's household income. Specific scholarships may vary depending on what high school you attend. Visit the Select Your High School page to learn more.

If I sign the Partnership Pledge, am I required to attend TCC or a T3 partner university?

By completing the Partnership Pledge, this does not commit you to attending a T3 partner college or university. We know you have choices. We're here to help you along the way.

Is there a limit on the number of students that can receive T3 Partnership scholarships?

No. If the student is enrolled in a Fort Worth ISD High School and is eligible based on their family's income threshold requirements, there is not a cap in the number of T3 Scholars who can receive scholarship benefits. Students do however need to complete the T3 Partnership Pledge their junior or senior year of high school.

What is a T3 “last dollar” scholarship?

Effective Fall 2021, eligible students will receive a “last dollar” tuition-free scholarship to Tarrant County College (TCC) for up to eight (8) consecutive semesters (not including summer) or the completion of a certificate or associate degree. This scholarship will cover any remaining tuition costs after all Pell grants and/or other federal, state, or institutional aid have been applied. In other words, last dollar scholarships cover the gap -- any last dollars needed to cover the student's tuition.

What is a T3 “first dollar” scholarship?

If you/your student is enrolled at Diamond Hill-Jarvis, Dunbar, Eastern Hills, O.D. Wyatt, Polytechnic or Western Hills, you/they may have the opportunity to receive a $500/per year scholarship for up 4 years to a select T3 partner university. In other words, first dollar scholarships are applied before any other financial aid is applied and does not change even if the student receives other state, federal, or institutional aid.

Partner universities will be announced by early 2021 and scholarship dollars can support books, fees, and more. Please check the family income requirements for scholarship eligibility.

Does the T3 Partnership scholarship make college completely free?

No. Even with T3 scholarships, students will incur other expenses such as fees, books, housing, etc.

If my financial aid (Pell grant, Texas grant, etc.) covers my tuition and I don’t need T3 Partnership scholarship dollars, am I still considered a T3 Scholar?

Yes, absolutely! There are other program benefits you can take advantage of despite whether or not you have other financial aid. Learn more by visiting the Select Your High School page.

What steps do I need to take to support my child in completing the T3 Partnership Pledge?

The T3 Partnership Pledge will open on September 15. In the meantime, check out the full list of dates and deadlines.

I have more than one child graduating this academic year, is there a cap on T3 Partnership scholarships for households?

No. There is no cap to the number of students for the T3 Partnership or program benefits per family. See eligibility requirements in above FAQ section to learn more.

How does T3 protect student data?

The T3 Partnership (T3) has strict guidelines regarding the protection of organizational and student data, which includes the following:

1. Data shall be subject to various safeguards to ensure all data is processed securely. T3 works hard to ensure data is encrypted when in transit and storage, and access to this data is subject to confidentiality commitments.

2. T3 will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that data is treated securely and in accordance with our internal guidelines and industry best practices. T3 has controls and procedures, and security features to prevent unauthorized access and when possible, encryption is used—and access to data within the organization is limited on a need-to-know basis (privileged access).

3. T3 will ensure that personal data is retained only for as long as necessary in accordance with T3’s mission and applicable laws. We may be required to retain certain data to satisfy legal or contractual obligations, or to establish, exercise or defend legal claims. When this data is no longer necessary for these purposes, the data will be securely deleted.

4. T3 supports compliance with industry regulations and best practices, including but not limited to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

5. T3 has deployed and regularly maintains a data backup process that is comprehensive, efficient, and includes full backups daily of its information systems for ultimately ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational and student data.

How does a student opt out of the T3 data sharing agreement?

If you wish to opt out of data sharing once you have taken the T3 Partnership Pledge, please email with your request.