Preparing T3 Scholars for Their First Year in College

The T3 Scholar Onboarding Program is required for graduating high school seniors who took the T3 Pledge and are planning on attending a T3 Partner College/University. The T3 Scholar Onboarding Program supports students in preparing to take on college while remaining an active member of the T3 Program and taking advantage of all T3 has to offer. There are 3 components to the T3 Scholar Onboarding Program: Update T3 Contact Info, Complete T3 Financial Form, and Joining T3 Connect. Components below should be completed the summer before enrolling at a partner college/university. Learn more below!


#1: Update T3 Contact Information

Updating your T3 Contact Information is required to ensure we have the most up to date information on file. T3 is here to support you with every step of your college journey so it is vital that we stay connected during your time as a T3 Scholar.

Update Here

#2: T3 Financial Form

Let's talk money! The T3 Financial Form is required for all high school seniors who would like to be considered for the T3 First Dollar Scholarship and plan to enroll at a T3 4-year partner university. This brief form will require students to input information from their FAFSA or TASFA so T3 may determine financial eligibility for the T3 First Dollar Scholarship. Link to the form will be shared the spring/summer before your first semester in college. Students who are deemed eligible will be contacted to complete additional requirements, including attending a required T3 Scholarship Information Session.

T3 Scholarships

#3: Join T3 Connect

T3 Connect is a virtual space to network and stay connected and informed. Create your profile on T3 Connect and join the group page for the partner college/university you are attending! This will be the place for program-wide updates, resources, mentorship opportunities, and more.

T3 Connect